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Summer bookings!  Currently we are booked completely for grooming through mid-August.
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Going out of town for a night? Or a week? We've got your furry kid covered!

When you leave town, you want reliable professionals to watch after your four-legged family member and that’s what we’re here for!  Our goal is to make your time away stress free for you AND your furry companion.  We encourage you to bring your pup’s favorite blanket or toy to make their stay more like home.  We give individual attention to every dog in our care to ensure they are comfortable and relaxed.  We also suggest you bring your pup’s favorite food to minimize stomach upset, or we can feed a widely accepted high quality kibble diet based on your dogs size and nutritional requirements for a small additional charge.

Our facilities offer large suites with full walls for privacy and noise reduction.  We are completely climate-controlled to keep your pup comfortable, with a professional staff to help them feel at home!  We offer enjoyable playtime activities and group play as appropriate, based on your dogs individual needs and your instruction.  We customize our play groups to ensure compatible personalities.  We have a large indoor play area, and when they want to go outside and play, we have large, secure yards with shade and toys.  We provide season specific fun and games for our outdoor enthusiasts.

*** Please note that our setup is based on an open, free-play concept and we like to keep time in their kennel to a minimum.  We group dogs with like-minded dogs for play-time.  Although we understand that some dogs just don’t get along, and we have the ability to separate them into compatible groups, if you have a dog that is actively aggressive towards other dogs, we would suggest a more secure and appropriate boarding solution.  

leave it to us!

Doggy Suites


All the amenities perfectly sized to match your pup!
Starting at $25/night

4'x10' Double Suite

Perfect for dogs that like more space or multiple dogs in one suite!
Starting at $45/night (pricing based on occupancy)

Drop off for boarding is between 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM and pick up is between 7:00 AM and 12:00 PM.  This allows Bark Place Texas adequate time to properly sanitize the lodging and prepare for the next guest.  Additional charges will apply for early drop off and late pick up.  Since management lives on site, and we understand travel times vary, we may be able to arrange pick up and/or drop off times outside of general location hours within reason and with prior verbal and written approval.  These types of arrangements may not be made online.