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Unfortunately, we have decided to suspend our grooming services indefinitely.  We are currently looking for a groomer to take over these services.
See our “Pricing” page for our new 24-hour billing structure.

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Our Facility

Our Facility

Finally Here! Welcome to Bark Place Texas!

More pictures and videos to come.  Here at Bark Place Texas, we do not allow personal tours while we have dogs in residence.  This creates a disruptive environment for the dogs (gets them riled up) and it is discouraged by our insurance.  What most people don’t tell you is that Texas and Parker County law is very specific regarding duty to report human exposure (bites or scratches, even by a vaccinated dog).  Our policy of not allowing visitors around unfamiliar dogs is not only to protect you, it is to protect the other pet parents who have entrusted their beloved pup into our care. We are very happy to provide video tours both online and on our website.  We can also give individual Skype tours when requested, as time allows.