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Due to foot surgery, we will be able to groom small dogs starting October 10, and med/large dogs in early November.  
See our “Pricing” page for our new 24-hour billing structure.  

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*** Please note that our setup is based on an open, free-play concept and we like to keep time in their kennel to a minimum.  We group dogs with like-minded dogs for play-time.  Although we understand that some dogs just don’t get along, and we have the ability to separate them into compatible groups, if you have a dog that is actively aggressive towards other dogs, we would suggest a more secure and appropriate boarding solution. 


All suites include DayPlay (subject to temperament testing and approval), bedding, a minimum of four supervised potty breaks a day, simple medicine administration, nighttime tuck-in/cuddle, and a daily stuffed Kong treat.  We encourage you to bring your dog’s favorite food (to minimize stomach upset).  We will provide high quality food upon request at an additional charge.  Read more…

Suite - $30

Suite perfectly sized to fit your dog.

4x10 Double Suite - Price Varies based on Occupancy

For dogs that require more space or for families that like to stay together

Additional dog in same kennel - 50% rate

Size restrictions apply

All boarding will be billed on a 24 hour basis.  This is to give customers flexibility in scheduling, but also create a fair billing structure for us as well.

24 Hours = Day Rate (two hour allowance – no extra charge)
26-34 Hours = Day Rate + $10
34-48 Hours = 2x Day Rate

Although we are flexible with our pick-up and drop-off times, we will not accept pick-ups or drop-offs before 8:00 am or after 7:30 pm and these are on a case-by-case basis with prior approval.

Additional Boarding Services

Maximize your pup’s enjoyment with some additional treats and exercise.

Group Play - Included

Subject to temperament testing and rules and regulations

Bark Place Texas Provided Food - $2.00 Daily


Grooming hours for summer 2022 are currently mornings and weekdays only.  We can do check-out baths outside of those hours, but no full grooms.

Grooming charges are subject to change based on individual breed, size and specialty cuts.  Price estimates CANNOT be given over the phone as they differ by breed, size, coat condition, temperament and other varying factors. Please set up a free groomer consult for exact pricing. Grooming services are subject to sales tax.  Expect between 2-4 hours for your groom.  Larger dogs and more complex grooms will take longer and incur additional fees. 

Nail Trim with Buffing - $15

Nail trim only (includes buffing)

Bath - $25 & up

Includes nail trim, feet and pads trim, ear cleaning, brush & blow dry.
<15# - $25
15-30# - $30
31-45# - $35
<45# - $40 and up

Bath + Feet/Face/Fanny - $35 & up

Includes nail trim, feet and pads trim, ear cleaning, brush & blow dry. Adds basic trim of face (brows and eyes) and sanitary trim.
<15# - $35
15-30# - $40
31-45# - $45
<45# - $50 and up

Full Groom - $50 & up

Includes all of the above, plus full body shaping tailored to your dog's individual breed/body style.
<15# - $50 and up
15-30# - $55 and up
31-45# - $60 and up
>45# - $65 and up
Pricing is based on a normal, short pet cut. Longer styles can anticipate $10 or more higher cost.

Grooming is by appointment only and subject to groomer availability.  As we may have several appointments scheduled throughout the day, please arrive to your appointment on time.  Any grooming appointment more than 15 minutes late will require rescheduling.


We are currently not able to accept any additional Doodles or Standard Poodles for grooming.  WE LOVE THESE BREEDS, but since they take much longer to groom, we just can’t take any new clients until we get some help.  Thanks for understanding!